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Adani Carmichael faces the heat Down under.


The Australian Conservation Foundation has appealed the Federal Courts judgment endorsing the commonwealth’s approval for Adani’s Queensland mining.

The appeal was filed today challenging the Federal Courts judgment of last month.

The President of ACF, Geoff Cousins, is of the opinion that Environmental laws were in fact broken, when the then federal government minister, Greg Hunt approved of the mining proposal. Cousins said”If our environment laws are too weak to actually protect Australia’s unique species and places, they effectively give companies like Adani a license to kill.”

The Federal Court judgment of last month had found that Greg Hunt was entitled to find environmental impact on the Great Barrier Reef from the mines carbon emission “Speculative“.

The Queensland Resource Council had also expressly supported the Federal Court judgment. On the other hand AFC contends that Hunt had made and “error of law”. Hunt had reported that the specific effect on global warming cannot be accurately or concretely gathered.

Justice John Griffiths ruled in his judgment, that, “it is plain that the minister did give consideration to greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the combustion emissions and made an express finding that the proposed action would not have an unacceptable impact on the world heritage values of the reef”.

The ACF will be referring to recent surveys is contending that majority of the Australians demand stronger Environmental laws and many more demand to bring back legal challenge to the approval of the mining project, until then ACF awaits a hearing date.


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