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To Die-sel(l) or to not: NGT to decide Today

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) is all set to hear the diesel ban case today.

Previously Tribunal had adjourned the matter on the 18th of July, and had asked the Delhi Transport Authority to ban diesel vehicle that were 10 years old. Vehicle which were older than 15years were supposed to be deregistered, and still be eligible to apply for a No objection Certificate for plying outside Delhi-NCR. It was held that grant of the NOC was to depend on the vehicular density of the place outside Delhi NCR plying to. The order followed after the non implementation of the April 2015, order of the NGT. The Tribunal also asked the Delhi Development Authority for details of land for the scrapping, which would be essential once the scrapping policy is implemented.

Over the past 18 months, the NGT as well as the Supreme Court have passed numerous orders with the intention to curb air pollution in the Delhi NCR region.

For instance on the 12th of August the Supreme Court, lifted  an 8 months old ban on  the registration Diesel Vehicle. The Supreme Court made the ban conditional, after levying 1% as Green Levy of the ex- showroom price for diesel vehicles, which have an engine capacity above 2000cc. The three judge bench ruled that, the deposit itself shall entitle manufacturers, dealers and purchasers, for registration.

The Automobile Industry has suffered a huge 400 Cr loss between now and December, since when the ban was levied. The Delhi NCR region is responsible for 10% of passenger vehicle sale.


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