Corporate Matters

Corporate Matters including Corporate Restructuring, which is the process of redesigning one or more aspects of a company. Before restructuring there must be an existing structure which may have many limitations/ restrictions/ vulnerabilities in areas as diverse as finance, legal, business and management which are to be kept in mind before restructuring. In other words, restructuring could be considered as remoulding/ reshaping or fundamentally redoing the existing structure so as to optimise the working of any company.

Bonum Lex lawyers have sustained experience in dealing with splits, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring including development of tax effecting restructuring and restructuring as a part of turn – around strategies.

The 2013 Act introduced significant changes in the provisions related to governance, e-management, compliance and enforcement, disclosure norms, auditors and mergers and acquisitions, etc. In the Companies Act, 2013 an attempt was  made to reduce the content of the substantive portion of the related law as compared to the Companies Act, 1956 (1956 Act).

In the Companies Act, 2013 new concepts such as one-person company, small companies, dormant company, class action suits, registered valuers and corporate social responsibility have also been included.

Bonum Lex partners have, over the years, advised domestic and international  clients on rules and regulations under the Companies Act, legal services in matters of incorporation, advice to directors and shareholders with regards to their  rights and obligations, drafting of company articles and Corporate compliances.