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Embassies to inform Foreign Nationals to be aware of Indian Laws: Delhi High Court

The High Court of Delhi has asked the Ministry of External Affairs to inform the Embassies and High Commissions in Delhi that their citizens should be well aware of the local laws in order to avoid inadvertent violations.
The Delhi High Court has directed the Ministry of External Affairs to send a communication to all Embassies, Consulates or High Commissions in India advising foreign nationals travelling to this country as to the desirability to bear in mind the local laws, particularly laws such as the Arms Act.
The Court heard two Petitions filed for quashing of FIRs lodged under the Arms Act against two foreigners, one from the UK and another from Kenya. Both citizens had travelled to India on a valid visa, and were found to be carrying bullets at the time of leaving the country. The two have now filed a quashing petition stating that the FIRs against them be quashed as the cartridges were not in their conscious possession and, therefore, they did not commit any intentional acts of commission or omission to constitute offence under Section 25 of the Act.
The Court noted that the FIRs as well as investigation in both cases did not indicate anything suggesting conscious possession. The court therefore quashed the FIRs against the two citizens.
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