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Mushroom Growth of Cyber Crimes and its Control

According to recent Home Ministry data, 39 government websites were hacked in the month of January and February, 2017 alone. According to Ministry of Information and Technology, the number of government websites hacked has been on a steady rise from 155(in 2014) to 199(last year). The National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) report for 2015 which was submitted in 2016, says that 11,592 cases of cyber crime were registered in India, out of which Uttar Pradesh leads in the highest number of recorded cyber crimes. The majority of the cases so registered were mainly related to financial gains.
It has also been noticed that demonetisation had spiked the number of cyber crimes as well as that the period post demonetisations has reflected , how ineffective India’s Cyber defence indeed is, as mobile and electronic wallets are extremely vulnerable to hacking.
The opinions of Legal experts are that essentially the Information Technology Act is lacks the element of legal deterrence with regards to these cyber crimes which are on the rise. With an exception of Cyber Terrorism and Child Pornography, none of the other cyber crimes are Non Bailable.
The Home Ministry has proposed to institute the Indian Cyber Crimes Coordination Centre ( I4C). The Government intends to initiate an online platform to report such cyber crimes and cyber crime forensic laboratories and training sites so as to strengthen the enforcement of such cyber laws .The Home Ministry in an attempt to address the rise in cyber crimes with regards to online debit/credit cards in the state of Karnataka has authorised the institution of 41 new police Stations and 6 additional police stations at each of the commissionerates to specifically deal with cyber crimes.
To control this mushroom growth of cyber crimes, it is extremely essential to strengthen the legal framework and effectuate such policies as according to the nation’s requirements.
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