Pro Bono work may earn extra brownie points for Judicial Aspirants.

The Union Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad indicated that Pro Bono legal service may be a part of the Memorandum of Procedure, which are guidelines for High Court Judge selection Procedure, which is presently being revised by the centre.

On the 20th of April, Mr. Prasad, initiated a few measures, which includes Pro bono legal Services, Tele Law service and Nyay Mitra (Justice Facilitator). These measures aim at  “ digitally ” including the  underprivileged in the justice delivery system.

The Department of Justice has launched an online portal on its website .The lawyers may register themselves to volunteer services for this mainstream legal aid program. The ‘Tele Law’ program aims to include the expert panel of Lawyers at the State Legal Service Authority (SLSA) and the marginalized communities through the Common Service Centre (CSCs).

‘Nyay Mitra’ strives to solve the issue of pending cases by designating a retired judicial officer/executive as a justice facilitator. The justice facilitator among other assistance is to recognize such delayed cases through the National Judicial Data Grid, he is also to refer such cases to the Lok Adalats for dispute resolutions.

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