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The SSA Boost to Indo- Japan Relationship

Relationship The Social Security Agreement between India and Japan which was signed in Tokyo on November 16, 2012 is now operational since 1st October, 2016.

The exchange of Note Verbales in accordance with the Article 28 of the Agreement was made on 20th July, this year. The Article 28 requires notifying the completion of the respective constitutional and legal procedures required for the entry into force the agreement.

Bilateral Social Security Agreements, according to the Ministry of External Affairs, protects the interest of Indian skilled workers working abroad by providing a number of benefits. For instances, after implementations of such bilateral SSAs between India and another country, it exempts an Indian worker, who is on a short term contract abroad, from social security contribution in that foreign country. Although,  such an exemption is provided only if the Indian is covered under the social security contribution and continues to pay his contribution during this period of oversea contract.

It also enables such Indian workers to remit his accumulated social security contribution made in a foreign country, in a case of relocation to a third country.

It also allows aggregation of residency periods made in India and the foreign nations to qualify for retirement benefits. Similarly Japanese employees posted in India shall receive the same benefits.

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