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WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy, not really in Public Interest


Public interest litigation has been filed by two Indian students in the High Court of Delhi. The PIL, contents that the recent changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp threatens the right to privacy of millions of users. The two students through this suit are demanding Facebook. Inc, to roll back the recent policy changes that have been made. They are also seeking for a guideline for such messenger apps, to avoid such compromise of the user’s privacy.

According to the recent changes Facebook would be sharing WhatsApp’s data and allow targeted advertisements along with direct messages from businesses, including appointment reminders, delivery and shipping notifications and marketing pitches.

India isn’t the only place where these changes in privacy policy have been challenged, the European Union and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is also examining whether users have been wronged, also a German consumer group is threatening to sue the company.

There is a lot on stake for Facebook .Inc considering the fact that India has close to 150 million users and has 70 million WhatsApp users. One of the largest outside of United states of America.

A two judge bench heard the matter and has issued notice to WhatApp and Facebook, the Indian Government and the Telecommunication regulators. WhatsApp has denied sharing any other information with Facebook except user names and numbers. The company also contended that the use of this app is voluntary.

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