Rk Narrola & Udhyan Mukerji | Bonum Lex


Established in 2013, our partners envisioned a professional atmosphere where prime importance is given to the maintenance of high ethical standards.
Taking together the individual experience of its partners, Bonum Lex has a combined experience of several decades in various practice areas like the regulatory framework, foreign exchange management, FDI, Foreign Portfolio Investment, environment laws, IPR, labour relations, fair practices (Prevention of Corruption Act), infrastructure, retail business, arbitration, Contracts, service matters and straightforward criminal as well as civil litigation.. Bonum Lex partners have experience with numerous cases involving not only routine criminal offences but also those under specialized statutes like the Information Technology Act, the Trade Marks Act, Patent laws & other IPR issues, municipal laws, harassment at the workplace regulations, the Foreigners’ Act etc.